Léonardo 3.4.5 is an internationally recognized method and approach to identifying individual potentials and talents
within a work environment so to develop fun in the workplace and performance in organizations

Examples of use


The Leonardo 3.4.5 questionnaire contains 80 questions, each of them with four possible answers. They measure four psychological dimensions: interpersonal relationships (rather introverted or extroverted), information processing (rather practical or conceptual), decision-making (rather analytical or on the feeling) and work management (rather structured or opened). They also measure your fundamental attitude in relation to five strategic polarities of the company: time, organization, the axis of values (consensus or focus), the axis of the orientation process or product, and the axis piloting (stability or instability). The answers are used to determine the main function for which you have the most affinities, as well as one or two secondary functions and a hierarchy of preferences.

Leonardo3.4.5 applies to recruitment, personal and organizational development, crisis management, team development and organizational analysis.


Business Process Reengineering (BPR)


Human Resources recruiting & development


Crisis Team Coaching


Strategic Talent Management


Due diligence and integration of new functional teams


Development of collective intelligence


Project appropriation for new teams


Development (with the ambition of Team Based Learning Organization)


Organization Analysis


Our courses are aimed at anyone looking for management tools adapted to a new situation, to the managers with teams to develop or lead, human resources professionals, coaches, consultants, trainers and recruiters wishing to use the Leonardo3.4.5 method in their work environment.

The various courses we offer :


This training is ideal for recruiters, coaches and HR managers wishing to have a precise and recognized tool to identify preferences at work and enhance the interactions of individuals in a team.


This training is for people who already hold the accreditation and who seeks to deepen their basic knowledge in order to train/accredit the employees or the customers.


The Leonardo Academia is a training course for participants who have to accompany or lead teams, to organize change and innovation within complex organizations


  • André Kindhauser

    Leonardo 3.4.5 allowed me to launch decisive dynamics of change, particularly effective in problematic situations. I achieved the best results with the satisfaction of all involved, when I applied this method at all levels of the company, starting at the top of the organization chart, all the way down.

    Change Management UBS AG
    Vicedirecteur, Ressources Humaines
  • Michel WALTHERT

    Indeed, here are some of my remarks. First of all, it should be noted that your study is excellent.
    We must admit that every day we learn something. It has been given to me to discover myself in a certain sense.

    Etudiant IDEHAP
  • Herman NYECK

    What struck me about your report is that you stress the importance of developing skills that match their preferences. This is exactly what I think! I am therefore delighted to have found an evaluation tool that complements my work.

    Forum the Found
  • Gilles FAYARD

    Leonardo 3.4.5 is one of the tools integrated into the assessment and skills assessment process carried out during the assessments entrusted to us.
    We systematically use Leonardo 3.4.5 for individual or team coaching, team structuring and leading change processes.

    Responsable du groupe Recherche de Procédés
    Centre de recherche Nestlé
  • International consulting company

    Just finished reading……woowwwwww. That’s really me. The test is like a mirror and you just read yourself.

    I will take my time to get more in depth as they were some self-assessment skills exercises and evaluation of my profile.

    Thanks once more and have a good day

  • International consulting company

    I love it.  This is so interesting.  Very similar to the Myers Briggs indicators.  As you may remember I am a Psychologist by training – and we used to spend so much time on personality development and tests. 

    I just had a look at the Score sheet, with a bit more time I will read the Development Profile too.  It really falls in my interest zone, so I am really looking forward to understanding this, and taking it a step further too.

  • International consulting company

    I am quite surprised by the document because indeed, it is correct in the analysis and I also find that it looks a lot like me 😊

    I have a few questions to make sure I understand the entire document, and I’ll ask them when we get an update on this. 

  • Communication School

    I completed the questionnaire last night and am extremely surprised at the accuracy of my profile! I have absolutely nothing to complain about and turn red absolutely all aspects are green; 0)

  • International consulting company

    It’s really great. I find myself fully and, on several points, professionally and personally (my relationships with family, friends and other acquaintances)

    Thanks for the exercise

  • International consulting company

    Thank you very much. I had a little trouble answering some questions but it’s an interesting exercise.

    I’ll read it all calmly this weekend. Nevertheless, one sentence has already caught my attention:

    “You much prefer people who take action and do what they say to fine talkers who stir things up. ” It’s clear ! 😊

  • International consulting company

    I must admit that it is really bluffing, perfection does not exist, I would say that it corresponds to me 95% to put it mildly.

    I’m really looking forward to talking about it because I really did not expect such a precise result.

    Have a nice week end