The Leonardo 3.4.5 tool

Leonardo 3.4.5 helps organizations to improve effectiveness by understanding the importance and
the diversity of individual potentials and talents in order to optimize collaboration.

Leonardo helps in recruiting, organization and personal development, crisis management,
team development as well as organizational analysis.

The Leonardo 3.4.5 consultants provide research based know how specialized in personal and organizational development.
The following examples are reflecting the diversity of applications using Leonardo 3.4.5 as an expert tool:

some examples

Human Resources recruiting & development
Strategic Talent Management
Project appropriation for new teams
Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
M&A: Due diligence and integration of new functional teams
Organization Development
Crisis Team Coaching
Development of collective intelligence
Organization Analysis

The different profiles


Leonardo 3.4.5 generates individual profiles of preferences at work.
The profile identifies particular potentials and talents and combines them with
the challenges that teams and organizations face.
The participants in a development program who want to get their profile
Leonardo 3.4.5 have access to a questionnaire on the web.
The answer to the 80 questions takes approximately 20 minutes.
The consolidation of the profiles of the team members highlights the availability of the talents
for the organization as well as the areas at risk.

The consultants are available in your country, offices in Switzerland, Germany or Italy can inform you.

The questionnaire is accessible online and the participant’s answers are used to generate the profile reports:


Consists of a graphic representation of the profile and is included in one minute by the certified consultants. They use this report as a basis for their debriefing and for the process that follows.


Highlights the main elements of the profile Leonardo 3.4.5. This report provides a better understanding of the behaviors, dynamics of inter-relationships and the importance of complementarity between team members.


Provides a detailed analysis of profiles and includes questions that facilitate reflection on opportunities for personal development in a professional context.